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The car just appeals in component conflict: Delegacy of Department of Commerce g
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On October 25, about China and beauty, Europe, append report of adjudication of conflict of tripartite car component, delegacy of Department of Commerce will arrive at Geneva WTO (WTO) headquarters undertakes final hearing of witnesses. Just express in, cannot agree with the adjudication conclusion that expert group reports and legal explanation completely, because this puts forward to appeal to this case, await the final ruling of WTO.
The basis is regular, a:appellant period arrives 90 days for 60 days commonly, at the appointed time WTO appeal orgnaization will make final court decision. But without giving thought to final a:appellant result how, china still hopes the whole world in automobile industry catenary holds significant position in division of labor.
As we have learned, WTO conflict solved orgnaization expert group to will issue expert group report to all WTO member on July 18, its agree with the metaphase report Feburary as a result, cognizance China is truckload to exceeding the entrance component of 60 % above is pressed truckload the practice of levy constitutes discrimination, violate trade regulation.
"The legal explanation that group of this case expert just cannot agree with completely in and adjudication conclusion, root solves program and regulation according to WTO conflict in, put forward to appeal, orgnaization of hope WTO appeal can make judicial ruling. " this is medium one of an afore-mentioned reports serious content.
Settle mechanism provision according to the conflict of WTO, china can report in expert group the day that announce rises, 60 days of less than decide to whether appeal, for this on September 15, 2008, in square already with respect to car component adjudication of case expert group reports, put forward to appeal to WTO.
From April 2005 hair of Chinese customs total office, country changes appoint, Department of Commerce, Ministry of finance makes jointly " form truckload car component of the feature imports administrative measure " after promulgating, european Union and United States begin WTO of this matter resort, in 3 years of many time, WTO conflict settles a program in undertaking becoming all the time.
"On October 25, delegacy of Department of Commerce will go to Geneva, attend final a:appellant hearing of witnesses, final ruling result will not is later than make inside 90 days, of WTO appeal process try a case time is 60 days commonly, the longest do not exceed 90 days, make adjudication from day of the 60-90 after the report is referred. " personage of know the inside story says.
Before this, china ever reiterated for many times in the light of this matter, china concerns administrative regulation to importing what car component carries out, it is to prevent to use truckload with component duty poor avoid custom is supervised, escape secretly the behavior of custom duty, also be the need that protects consumer interest. Relevant provision accords with China to add the compliance of WTO, also accord with WTO to concern regulation.
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