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Enterprise of Zhejiang car component is initiative
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Zhejiang is one of area that enterprise of component of our country car, autocycle collects, those who having tens of thousands of is medium car component enterprise. Rise in price in raw material, the market is small fan, below the setting that environment of domestic international economy changes, of enterprise of component of the car in these live state how, they with why does the form answer the crisis? Recently, our newspaper reporter visited a few companies. Hope their " upgrade " behavior can give Chinese car component and even whole automobile industry to bring think. (Wang Ji of our newspaper reporter)
Face the economic environment of sharp change, enterprise of Zhejiang car component develops them adequately " careless root spirit " save oneself, the reporter discovers in interview, a lot of enterprises had begun sadly " upgrade " .
Truckload to the part the company says not
This year the beginning of the year, should become economic situation from tight monetary policy advocate after fundamental key, proprietor of an enterprises of Zhejiang civilian battalion also begin to tighten up his " money " -- ― internally, they carry out seed profit to produce kind; External, begin to say to manufacturer of partial lead plane " not " .
"The fixed position of ourselves is ' brand supplier ' , what take a fancy to so is ' brand client ' . " Lin Jianping of assistant of general manager of mechanical limited company tells Zhejiang Jin Hui the reporter. This company made autocycle fittings all the time in the past, just enter field of car a replacement nearly two years, although be " will arrive suddenly first " , but the company is quite high to the client's requirement.
It is reported, alleged " brand client " those who point to is those can assure to answer a paragraph to be mixed in time the price is reasonable truckload manufacturer. Lin Jianping citing says, jin Hui company and plant of a leader agree, product value every quarter check and ratify one. Be this kind of collaboration with leader plant, just make the pressure that they can digest cost to rise.
"With these brand clients cooperative ability comes true double win. Be brand enterprise form a complete set is we still can live, return profitable key. " Lin Jianping expresses, this company considers as long-term as client of this kind of brand cooperation only now, conspire to develop.
Although truckload the relation that enterprise and component enterprise are two-way choice, but the status of both is not equal. Since 2004, truckload of the enterprise purchase the price to fall again. To this, the reaching the sky of complain of suffering of chief all without exception of component enterprise, but stop to offer money without how many supplier. Nevertheless, the news that the reporter knows from and other places of annulus of Zhejiang Wen Ling, jade makes clear, this kind of circumstance already produced a change sadly.
"Like Jin Hui such enterprise has a lot of in jade annulus. Earn the work that is less than money to cannot work of course, a few days ago an enterprise rejected Shanghai's general order. " steam of annulus of Zhejiang province jade rub match guild secretary-general Hu Shiliang to tell a reporter. More and more component enterprises, begin to pass to take up low or for a long time to a few prices of supplier capital truckload the company says " not " .
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