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The whole nation will multiply number of check of the sales volume that use a ca
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According to association of Chinese auto industry newest statistic, in September 2008, the whole nation is multiplied sell five hundred and fifty-two thousand eight hundred in all with the car, sell 100 thousand more than August, annulus comparing grows 22.49% , showed " Jin Jiuyin 10 " glamour; Nevertheless, drop compared to the same period 1.44% .
The car will sell 416 thousand in September, annulus comparing rises 20.7% , than last year the corresponding period falls 2.3% ; Before sales volume ranks 10 car production company is ordinal for: Day of general, east wind produces one steam masses, Shanghai masses, Shanghai, contemporary, strange luck mixes cropland of this Guangzhou cropland, one steam abundant, Biyadi, Beijing auspicious. And in only brand car, elegant cabinet, triumphant surmount nimble to amount to more, before cent is listed two, biyadi's subordinate F3, F0 a list of names posted up on two cars in pairs.
■ one steam masses seizes sales volume again the first
The teacher's day September, the Mid-autumn Festival, reach the National Day after close therewith, this is become pull those who move car consumption one big advocate because of. According to statistic of association of Chinese auto industry, before car manufacturer sales volume 10 will sell 274 thousand in all in September, 65.88% what occupy a car to sell gross. Before Biyadi is entered first 10, progress is particularly outstanding.
Because one steam masses will be aimed at whole department model in September -- stride vacate, fast vacate, treasure comes, treasure comes both sides and nimble are amounted to etc rolled out activity of sales promotion of 4S inn privilege, extent is opposite bigger, because this ensures,one steam masses continued to hold a title position of first of sales volume whole nation. And Shanghai masses, Shanghai is general also rolled out terminal privilege measure in the light of whole department model, include their new Che Langyi, Xin Kai to wait more, certain model still has loan of 0 interest rate, ensured the 2nd, tertiary position.
Two large window of the month are east wind day is produced on obtain the 4th name, Biyadi obtains the 7th, this should be they are in Chinese car city current best position. It is reported, east wind day is produced rolled out 08 paragraph black horse early or late this year power, black edition of Xiao guest cruel, new generation soundses of nature - the new model such as duke, 4S inn began comprehensive privilege and grand propaganda, because this sales volume is climbed quickly,rise. The propagandist offensive of the F3 of the car, F6, F0 and can of new car effect weigh Biyadi " driving and swift and fierce " , in pairs of F3, F0 enters sheet of before sheet is tasted 10 a list of names posted up, before final Biyadi enters a business first with 23500 lunar sales volume 10 strong.
Cropland of this Guangzhou cropland, one steam abundant and Beijing modern course are active sales promotion also ensures the 5th, the 6th seating arrangement with the 8th. Guangzhou flies the elegant cabinet of cropland, newly originally degree, it is better that Sai Di and Odyssey are behaved in respective fractionize market, so the position rises somewhat. And strength of cropland of one steam abundant, Beijing's contemporary sales promotion of whole department car is very great, the model such as Kaluola, Yilante is share of market of race to control, favourable range is bigger. Own brand respect, strange luck place glides to the 9th, depreciate as banner cloud nevertheless, A3 appears on the market, the rank that predicts strange in October luck can rise somewhat. Auspicious just defend the 10th, two new cars are in Jin Ying, panda the expression October is worth to expect.
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