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National Day grows dummy to enrage flourishing car city to consume demand to be
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Car city eventually can delay tone. " October 6 is National Day the first day when go to work after the golden week, the reporter learns all right from car of much home of Jiang Sha way, this year " 11 " during, consumer stretched tight closely the car consumption desire of a few months begins to become loose, agency begins to send force to finish annual job, car city consumes demand not of free " injury " , gradually heal.
Person of city of golden week car enrages flourishing
To release consumptive power, the car city of river door went all out to earn sufficient person energy of life strongly for golden week sale. Major car business sold a Xiaogao tide during reflective National Day. According to Guangzhou relevant controller introduces this Tian Guanhua inn, this inn recieves client batch in all during the golden week 393 batches, recieve 43 batch above on average everyday. The spot buys a car 93, among them one day will sell 23 in all on October 1, greeted the make a good beginning of 11 golden weeks. This controller is analysed, the sale status of the golden week is fervent, main reason is the strength that this inn shifts to an earlier date to increase sale and conduct propaganda in the last ten-day of a month in September, detonate National Day consumption ahead of schedule. According to statistic, the passenger flow of this inn estimates the golden week and clinch a deal quantity and other holiday compare the growth that has 1.5 times above. In addition, benefit abundant, China, close get the better of, happy sincere waited for inn to appear passenger flow height.
Car city whole enters convalescence
The evidence of market get warm again after a cold spell begins to show, more or less is this an interest good news agency to. Although to " 11 " during clinch a deal measure most agency to feel not satisfactory, but great majority still was full of to the fourth quarter expect. Analysis of the personage inside course of study says, the abidance through a few years is tall grow, consumptive demand got be releasinged adequately, new round driving demand has an accumulated process, in retain the quantity involves high case gradually, the adjustment of occurrence period of time is market rule is in effective.
"From trade at present the circumstance looks, because river door makes up free name brand to begin to carry out from October 6 oneself, drew the attention of partial consumer really, this is in to car sale short-term inside will have bigger promote. " close get the better of fasten a gram to specialize in inn to say to the reporter about chief.
Year end or will perform final insanity
"Press before experience, year end is the at the last gasp of car businessman impulse, especially car city is stagnant this year, almost every car business has sales volume pressure. " still say in wait-and-see Mr Guo at present, price of car of the end of the year is met probably some lower.
The market analyses a personage to think, car city is in passed after 2 quarters glide with 3 quarters, each car manufacturer and agency people year sale mission was arrived by keep long in stock this year last quarter. If the sales volume of the near future cannot be released gradually, so the final phase that year end will make each businessman impulse for certain.
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