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Global car sales volume predicts to will appear 8 years to glide first
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Suffer effect of global banking crisis, magenshidanli predicts, since car sales volume will appear 8 years, the whole world drops first this year, glide extent is 0.3% , reach 58.1 million, and of the beginning of the year predict to be rise compared to the same period 3.5% .
Below the circumstance of North America and all up of European market get warm again after a cold spell, magenshidanli points out, china will still be the main contributor that global car sales volume grows this year, but this market competition will begin aggravate, and amplitude extent puts delay somewhat. Before this, ma Zida company sells the small-sized car in Chinese joint ventures the target is cut half, admit original objective setting is too tall. And abundant cropland car is in China this year the target of produce and sale of the market is 630 thousand, up to by August, feng Tian is in China sales volume of two big joint-stock companies finished 370 thousand only in all, just exceed the in part of the target, the target that abundant cropland car is in China is very inaccessible this year. And target of most reductive sale has obtained company of Chinese native land car 30% above.